Tuckahoe Sports presents our 10 week summer program, Camp Tuckahoe! Each week is a new experience with it’s own unique theme. The days are jam packed with basic baseball & softball instruction, crazy games, fitness challenges and sports activities (and of course, more BASEBALL!) guaranteed to bring out the athlete in every child. Through exercise and interactive play, we want children to focus on fitness and fun this summer creating healthier hearts and stronger bodies! The 10 week summer program begins Monday June 18th and continues through Friday August 24th

For more information about our Summer FUN Camps Email Jean Larsen

Program Times

Camp Hours Monday – Friday, 9:00am – 4:30pm
Extended Camps Hours Monday-Friday, 7:30am–5:30pm**Additional fees apply

Rising 1st graders-12 years old

2018 Session Dates:

June 18 – August 24

Camp Location

Tuckahoe Sports Training Center and Tuckahoe Park

Weekly Field Trips to include: Bowl America Short Pump, Regal Cinemas, Patterson Putt Putt, SkateNation Laser Tag

Camp Fees-

Summer Bundles (all 9 weeks):

Individual  Campers: 1,620

Sibling Campers: $1,458

Early/Late Care: $75/week or $15/day



We are an ACTIVE based camp, full of interactive sports, games and competitions.  Our goal is to send your kid’s home each day tired and full of memories…



Week 1: Fun and Fitness | June 18 – 22
The focus of this camp is becoming familiar with different fitness activities, such as obstacle courses, physical training, competitive jump roping, frisbee golf, crab soccer, kickball, and more. Campers will enjoy multiple activities throughout the day as well as attend an off-site field trip to enhance their Fun and Fitness experience.

Week 2: Sports Extravaganza June 25 – 29
During our Sports Extravaganza week, campers will be exposed to different sports like, kickball, soccer, football, whiffle ball, basketball, ultimate frisbee, and a multitude of other sports. An off-site field trip will also take place to add to the campers’ love of sports.

Week 3: Outlandish Olympics July 9 – 13
The spirit of competition is in the air during the Outlandish Olympics week. Activities will include, but are not limited to sports trivia, relay races, contests, and campers will receive awards for winning their events. Contests will include both individual and team activities. An off-site field trip will be included in these activities.

Week 4: Amazing Race July 16 – 20
Campers will be tasked with completing 10 challenges from different countries and teams will have to compete in all of the challenges. In true Amazing Race form, teams will be faced with “detours” and “road-blocks” along the way. The team that finishes the Race first, wins. An off-site field trip will be included as part of the Race.

Week 5: Challenge Week July 23 – 27
Be prepared to participate in a week full of CHALLENGES! This week will be full of creative and athletic challenges, including minute-to-win-it style challenges, treasure hunts, color wars, team initiatives, and more. Points will be accumulated throughout the week and a winner will be announced the final day of camp. An off-site field trip will be included as part of Challenge Week.

Week 6 : Sports Blast July 30- August 3
Perfect for all sports lovers, this week of camp will focus on all types of sports. Basketball, soccer, dodgeball, football, kickball, bean bag toss and many many more activities that will be offered throughout the week. An off-site field trip will also take place during the week.

Week 7: Splish Splash August 6 – 10
Beat the heat with Splish Splash week. Campers will be involved in a multitude of water activities including water charades, water ball, bucket brigade, slip-and slide, water balloon tosses, and more. A change of clothes and towel are recommended on a daily basis. An off-site field trip will take place during the week.

Week 8: Survivor August 13-17
Campers will be divided into tribes and tasked to compete in challenges and puzzles in which they can win points. An immunity idol will be hidden during the week and clues will be given. Once found, that team will win immunity for the day. Be prepared for both physical and mental challenges to see which team will be the Camp Tuckahoe Survivor! An off-site field trip will take place during the week.

Week 9: All Ball August 20 – 24
Join us for a ballin’ time in our final week of camp. We will be playing ball sports, making popcorn balls and having a ball! The week will be filled with fun games including basketball, baseball, soccer, dodgeball, and kickball. An off-site field trip will also take place during the week.

Cancellations, Refunds & Exchanges

Your payment is fully refundable minus a $75 processing fee per child ($200 for Summer Bundle packages) if requested in writing by May 15th 2018. Since we hire staff and purchase equipment and supplies based upon our enrollment numbers generated throughout the winter and spring, any cancellations after May 15th will not be given a refund. We want to work with you to accommodate requests, so for any cancellations after May 15th we are happy to give you a credit to apply to the 2019 summer camps (credits cannot be exchanged for cash and will become void after the summer of 2019). We reserve the right to grant exceptions to the stated policy in situations including, but not limited to, illness and death in the immediate family. Changes in travel plans, delayed or cancelled flights, or other such reasons for not attending camp will not qualify for a refund.

All refund requests must be made in writing and either emailed to or mailed to Tuckahoe Sports, Inc. 2450 Little League Drive, Henrico, VA 23233

Late Pick-Up Policy 

Excluding emergencies, if a parent is late picking up a child at the end of the day, a fine of $5.00 for the first 10 minutes or fraction thereof and $1.00 per minute after that will be assessed, after receiving a first warning notice.

Authorization for Dismissal

Your child will only be released to a parent or adult designated by the parent in writing (on emergency form or note). If there is a change in the child’s normal pick-up procedure, parents must send a note informing TSI who will pick-up your child. If the person authorized to pick up your child is unknown to the staff, a picture ID will be required.

Special Care & Emergencies

In Case of Illness 
Do not send your child to camp if he or she has had a fever during the previous 24 hours, has a heavy nasal discharge or constant cough, has symptoms of possible communicable disease or is not well enough to play outdoors.

If your child becomes ill at camp, you or your alternate emergency person will be called to pick up your child immediately.  In such cases, your child will be immediately isolated from the others and kept isolated until picked up.

Parents MUST notify TSI in the case of an infectious or contagious disease, i.e., strep, chicken pox, measles, lice, etc.  All parents will be notified if their child has been exposed to any communicable disease.


  • Any medications to be administered by the camp must be handed directly to the counselor or director of camp.
  • Medicines must never be transported via the child’s backpack and must not be accessible to the children at any time.
  • It is the parent’s responsibility to take home any medication at the end of each day or when no longer needed to be administered.
  • All medications must be in the original container with the prescription label, including the child\’s name, dosage, directions for administration, and the name of the medication.

We have, at all times, a staff member who is trained in first aid/CPR.

Staff will contact you when your child has any minor injuries that require more than tender loving care, so you can be aware of the incident.  If we cannot reach you by phone, we will send home a note.

In case of major injury, the staff will notify:

  • Parents
  • Emergency number on registration form
  • Child’s doctor (if parent cannot be reached)
  • Henrico County Rescue Squad

Lost & Found

In the event that your child leaves a personal item behind, TSI keeps a lost and found bin. Please ask our front desk staff for assistance.