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This 8 week, 2 hour class will create a strong, consistent work ethic that youth baseball players need to develop into an all-around athlete. With an hour of intensely performed defensive drills, players will quickly polish their techniques and abilities as well as develop more effective and efficient methods to become an elite position player. This class will then focus on a half hour of full body strength building in order for players to meet the requirements to develop a strong foundation; total body strength will then allow players to compete to the best of their ability. For the last half hour, players will learn the correct running and agility techniques to improve fast twitch movement and increase speed. From long distance & short distance sprints, hills, cone drills, resistance exercises, and quick directional change sprints, athletes will work towards decreasing times and increasing speed.


Infield • Outfield • Age Specific Strength Training • Speed/Agility Training



 November 6, 2017 –  December 18, 2017  | $392

 January 8, 2018 –  February 26, 2018  | $450

Instructor: REGGIE KEEN
· All-State 2nd Baseman in HS, George Washington (AAA)
· All-Conference Outfielder, Radford University (Big South)
· Milwaukee Brewers Centerfielder, 2010 – 2012
· Milwaukee Brewers Prospect Game, 2012
· 2nd Radford All-Time Single Season Stolen Base Record (31)
· Led Milwaukee Brewers Organization in Stolen Bases 2011 (41)
· Led Milwaukee Brewers Organization in Stolen Bases 2012 (45)
· Head Coach Mid-Atlantic Orioles Scout Team

Becoming a great catcher demands time, effort and an effective routine each day.  Our goal is to put you through an intense, well developed training routine that will have you well on your way to reaching your goals as a catcher.  Want to achieve greatness? Let us help you get there!!
Mondays 5PM-6PM

November 6, 2017 – December 18, 2017 | Cost: $196

January 8, 2018 – February 26, 2018 | Cost: $224

March 5, 2018 – April 30, 2018 | Cost: $224


“My son has been a catcher all his life, but had never been taught the finer points of the position until working with Coach Peyton Fulton.  From blocking, framing, to becoming quicker and improving game speed awareness, my son’s skill set has improved drastically under Coach Fulton’s training.  Many have noticed and expressed favorable comments about my son’s increased skill level as a catcher over the past year. We recommend Coach Fulton for catching lessons and classes.”

Tom S.

“Working one on one and in a clinic setting with Coach Fulton has really improved both his skills and confidence at the position. Having someone with a catching background focus attention on my son’s specific strengths and weaknesses has been very beneficial. Coach Fulton was able to drill down to footwork, speed, and strength components and develop practices to move my son to the next level as a catcher.”

Laura S.

“I have observed Coach Fulton’s coaching and teaching abilities over time, and I am impressed how well he tailors his strategies to the individual, thus empowering them to attain higher levels of excellence. Peyton instructed me in my catching abilities using the best and newest techniques passed down from Major League Baseball that he explains in a way that is clear to understand. Peyton exemplifies the best principles of coaching, in that he is adept at accentuating positive skills to compensate for less developed skills in his players.”

Matt. H – Lenoir Ryhne ‘10


This class is designed to encourage and teach a well balanced approach to pitching. Whether the proper arm care techniques, throwing program, or developing a mental approach, this class will provide the routines, drills and disciplines taught to help prepare you for the next level. Want to achieve greatness? Let us help you get there!!

Instructed by: Stephen Godfrey


Monday Nights 6:00-7:00PM

Ages 9-12

November 6,2017 – December 18, 2017| Cost: $196

January 8,2018 – February 26, 2018| Cost: $224

Monday Nights 7:00-8:00PM

Ages 13+

November 6,2017 – December 18, 2017 | Cost: $196


Our Accelerated Hitting class is for students who want to broaden their knowledge in hitting and vision skills. One of the key components of being a successful hitter is the ability to recognize and track the baseball and in this class, we focus on developing these important skills.

Accelerated Hitting class will:

Help you “see” the rotation of the pitch, breaking ball hands back-fastball hands fast

Help with better contact, eliminate strike-outs

Help with hitting opposite field

Give you better knowledge of the hitting zone-balls and strikes

Able to focus in on release point

Make you a successful bunter

Increase your offensive production

Class is taught by Chris McKnight Former Head Collegiate Coach and Pro Manager and Connor Bastich-Former Collegiate Player at Longwood University.


Monday Nights 6:00-7:30PM

Ages 10-12

November 6, 2017 – December 18, 2017| Cost: $196

January 8, 2018 – February 26, 2018| Cost: $224

Monday Nights 7:30-9:00PM

Ages 13+

November 6, 2017 – December 18, 2017 | Cost: $196


mini titans logo

Mini Titans – for Ages 2 & 3

While being age appropriate, these introductory sports classes will focus on the fundamentals of baseball and softball. Each participant will have fun, while learning to master the motor coordination skills and balance needed for a good foundation.


Saturday Mornings 9:00-9:45AM

January 6,2018 – February 24, 2018| Cost: $90


tiny titans logo

Tiny Titans – for Ages 4-5

This is the next step in your child’s baseball & softball development. We will introduce proper glove work and base running to our young athletes. Our action-packed activities will build confidence, teamwork, and sportsmanship in a fun, encouraging environment. Tiny Titans Players will be prepared for, and will become Little League ready once participating in these classes.


Saturday Mornings 9:45-10:30AM

January 6,2018 – February 24, 2018| Cost: $90





Softball Classes

Pitcher/Catcher Development

There will be intensive catching drills and instruction in: stances, throw downs, receiving, framing, communication, and blocking. Pitchers will be guided in the proper mechanics of pitching, including grip, spin, arm-motion, weight transfer, and leg push and drag.

January 8 – January 29 ~ Mondays 7-8pm | Cost-$112

February 5 – February 26 ~ Mondays 7-8pm | Cost-$112

(Max- 8 pitchers and 8 catchers) – Field

Fielding Fundamentals

This class will focus on the proper approach and posture to fielding ground balls and fly balls, glove positioning, ball transfer and throwing, and learning to play different positions in the field.

January 8 – January 29 ~ Mondays 7-8pm | Cost-$112

February 5 – February 26 ~ Mondays 7-8pm | Cost-$112

March 5 – March 26 ~ Mondays 7-8pm | Cost-$112

Max- 18 people- Field

Power Hitting

This is a strength building class that will build bat speed, hand path and the proper weight transfer and use of legs in all hitters. We will go over vision training to help improve the batters ability to pick up the pitch and location.

January 8 – January 29 ~ Mondays 6-7pm | Cost-$112

February 5 – February 26 ~ Mondays 6-7pm | Cost-$112

March 5 – March 26 ~ Mondays 6-7pm | Cost-$112

Max- 15 people- Cages 2 and 3

Speed and Agility

This training program not only increases athleticism, acceleration, deceleration, reaction time, and coordination, it increases confidence in our athletes as well. In this class you will: Improve Linear Speed,Increase Balance and Dynamic Flexibility,Improve Functional Core Strength and Control, Improve Pivot Power and Foot Speed, Increase Quickness, Speed Change, and Directional Change, Build Total Body Strength, Improve Dynamic Movements, Increase Endurance and, Improve Flexibility.

January 8 – January 29 ~ Mondays 6-7 pm | Cost-$112

February 5 – February 26 ~ Mondays 6-7 pm | Cost-$112

Max 15 people- TPA Area

This is a great opportunity to have your 6, 7 or 8 year old get started on the correct softball path. Our Lady Titans coaches will teach your child the proper softball fundamentals. Players will have an opportunity to participate in drills, simulated games and build confidence for their upcoming little league season. This program will give parents and players their first taste of the TSI Lady Titans College Developmental program. All Players will receive a Lady Titans headband, jersey and 2 month membership to Tuckahoe Sports.

January 6- February 24 ~ Saturdays 10:30-12pm | Cost-$262.50

Max- 24 people- Field

Winter Pitching School

Players interested in refining and improving their pitching technique will receive small group instruction on the fundamentals of pitching. This includes grip, spin, arm slot, leg stride and drive and push and drag. We will also work on building strength and speed as well as accuracy. It is suggested that pitchers bring someone to catch for them.

January 7- January 28 ~ Sundays 3-4pm | Cost-$45

February 4- February 25 ~ Sundays 3-4pm | Cost-$45

Max- 10 pitchers- TPA Area

Junior Pitching Academy

This class will focus on the beginning and basic fundamentals of pitching. There will be a lot of drills and emphasis on grip, stride, arm rotation and release. It is highly recommended that pitchers bring someone to catch for them.

March 5- March 26 ~ Mondays 6-7pm | Cost-$112

Max- 8 pitchers TPA Area or Field

Core Catching

This is a fast-paced class designed to improve athleticism and proper mechanics through advanced drills. Catchers will learn explosive circuit training for increased strength and speed to take your catching to the next level.

March 5- March 26 ~ Mondays 7-8pm | Cost-$112

Max – 12 people – Field