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Our program is designed to develop and teach players the game of baseball in order for them to reach their short and long term goals. Using professional staff, we are able to teach players the most efficient and effective skill building methods to progress as a baseball player. Whether a beginner looking to learn the basic fundamentals and knowledge of the game or an advanced player wanting to maintain or further their skill level, TSI provides quality resources for all to accomplish these goals. TSI strives on developing players and their knowledge of the game by using the same skill building methods taught at the collegiate and professional levels. Lastly, TSI’s mission is to help youth set a foundation and roadmap to success by helping players build character, leadership characteristics, and most importantly, confidence.



Meet your TSI Baseball Instructors


**24 hour cancellation notice or forfeit the missed lesson

Member Pricing Non-Member Pricing
1/2 hr. Lesson$40$45
1 hr. Lesson$75$80
3-Pack Lessons (3-1hr. or 6-1/2 hr. *Expires 2 months from purchase)$210$240
4-Pack Lessons (4-45 min. *Expires 2 months from purchase)$210$230
6-Pack Lessons (6-1hr. or 12-1/2 hr. *Expires 4 months from purchase)$390$420

**To schedule a lesson contact one of our instructors today!!

Private Lessons 

Private lessons have become a big part of baseball. Players are always trying to find that edge and lessons have become a very useful tool in assisting players reach their goals. Players above the age of 7 usually have enough comprehensive skills to benefit from taking private lessons. As their ages and abilities change so does the baseball material and workload. Players of all ages and abilities can benefit from private lessons as long as they are dedicated and eager to work hard.


What should I expect out of private lessons?

Private lessons are a great way for players to develop consistency as they learn the proper mechanics. Baseball is a game of repetition and 1 on 1 instruction is a great way to repeat as well as reinforce. Spending time in these training sessions is what best helps us prepare for competition. Our instructors are dedicated experts when it comes to maximizing each player’s individual skills. The player must understand though, that private lessons are a continuous project. Lessons are not a quick fix where you become a superstar overnight. Professional players work on their skills all year round. Creating that consistency through a lesson schedule is long term project that players need to be prepared for.

Who should take private lessons?

Anyone can take private lessons, but the real question is who will benefit most from taking lessons. The answer is simple; “The players who are willing to work hard through dedication and sacrifice are the players who will achieve success.” Instructors teach private lessons to help communicate the information that players need to improve. What the players do with that information is ultimately up to the player themselves. Any player who is dedicated to improving their skills can benefit from private lessons.

How often should I schedule private lessons?

There are many different scenarios to scheduling private lessons. The simplest answer is you need to set up your lessons on some type of consistent schedule. A player will not benefit much if he or she is coming in once every couple of weeks. Again, we talk about repetition. Baseball is a game of repetition which is why players need to be training on a consistent basis. Some players feel they need to come in several times a week and others only once a week. The most important thing is that you are coming in consistently. If there are long gaps in between your lessons there is a good chance that your mechanics will suffer.

TSI Baseball Camps & Classes are designed to help improve the performance of baseball players of all ages and skill levels. Campers will receive instruction from coaches who have played or coached at advanced levels such as college and the professional level who care about the betterment of each individual player. TSI Baseball Camps are dedicated to the development and growth of all campers who attend. Our camps range in ages and we should have a program to fit your needs.


Date: Jan 30, 2017

Time: 9am-4pm

Cost: $45

The TSI Baseball Staff will be hosting its 2nd Annual WebGem Workshop on January 30th, 2017.  Come learn the unbelievable, eye popping & jaw dropping defensive plays practiced and executed by the Pros.  Making unbelievable plays takes a lot of talent, but today’s elite players practice day after day to help execute some of the game’s most unbelievable plays.  Attend this one day workshop to gain the confidence in learning how to execute a WebGem!


Staff: TSI Baseball Staff

Camp Features:
Infield Diving Plays

Outfield Diving Plays

Home Run Catching

Bare Hand Grabs & Throws

Glove flips and double plays

Jeter Jump throws

Equipment to bring: 
Players should wear baseball attire and bring all necessary baseball equipment: tennis shoes, hat, bat, glove, catching gear (if applicable), batting helmet, etc. TSI will provide all balls and necessary drill equipment. Camp will take place indoors.

Lunch:  Players are asked to bring their own lunch as we will be eating around 12:00pm.

Camp Check-in Registration: 
Camp check-in will take place in front lobby of TSI Training Center starting at 8:30am.  For those who have not filled out a TSI waiver will need to do so at the time of arrival.  Every camper will need to have a waiver on file in order to participate in camp. Camp will begin promptly at 9:00am.


This 8 week, 2 hour class will create a strong, consistent work ethic that youth baseball players need to develop into an all-around athlete. With an hour of intensely performed defensive drills, players will quickly polish their techniques and abilities as well as develop more effective and efficient methods to become an elite position player. This class will then focus on a half hour of full body strength building in order for players to meet the requirements to develop a strong foundation; total body strength will then allow players to compete to the best of their ability. For the last half hour, players will learn the correct running and agility techniques to improve fast twitch movement and increase speed. From long distance & short distance sprints, hills, cone drills, resistance exercises, and quick directional change sprints, athletes will work towards decreasing times and increasing speed.


Infield • Outfield • Age Specific Strength Training • Speed/Agility Training

D1 DEFENSE SESSION: 5-6PM                               D1 SPEED SESSION:6-7PM


 January 9, 2017 –  February 27, 2017   | $450 |  Register Now >>

 September 11, 2017 –  October 30, 2017   | $395 |  Register Now >>

 November 6, 2017 –  December 18, 2017  | $450 |  Register Now >>

Instructor: REGGIE KEEN
· All-State 2nd Baseman in HS, George Washington (AAA)
· All-Conference Outfielder, Radford University (Big South)
· Milwaukee Brewers Centerfielder, 2010 – 2012
· Milwaukee Brewers Prospect Game, 2012
· 2nd Radford All-Time Single Season Stolen Base Record (31)
· Led Milwaukee Brewers Organization in Stolen Bases 2011 (41)
· Led Milwaukee Brewers Organization in Stolen Bases 2012 (45)
· Head Coach Mid-Atlantic Orioles Scout Team

Becoming a great catcher demands time, effort and an effective routine each day.  Our goal is to put you through an intense, well developed training routine that will have you well on your way to reaching your goals as a catcher.  Want to achieve greatness? Let us help you get there!!
Mondays 5PM-6PM

January 9, 2017- February 27, 2017 | Cost: $225 | Register Now >>

March 6, 2017- April 24 2017 | Cost: $225 | Register Now >>

July 10, 2017- August 28, 2017 | Cost: $225 | Register Now >>

September 11, 2017- October 30, 2017 | Cost: $197| Register Now >>

November 6, 2017- December 18, 2017 | Cost: $197 | Register Now >>


“My son has been a catcher all his life, but had never been taught the finer points of the position until working with Coach Peyton Fulton.  From blocking, framing, to becoming quicker and improving game speed awareness, my son’s skill set has improved drastically under Coach Fulton’s training.  Many have noticed and expressed favorable comments about my son’s increased skill level as a catcher over the past year. We recommend Coach Fulton for catching lessons and classes.”

Tom S.

“Working one on one and in a clinic setting with Coach Fulton has really improved both his skills and confidence at the position. Having someone with a catching background focus attention on my son’s specific strengths and weaknesses has been very beneficial. Coach Fulton was able to drill down to footwork, speed, and strength components and develop practices to move my son to the next level as a catcher.”

Laura S.

“I have observed Coach Fulton’s coaching and teaching abilities over time, and I am impressed how well he tailors his strategies to the individual, thus empowering them to attain higher levels of excellence. Peyton instructed me in my catching abilities using the best and newest techniques passed down from Major League Baseball that he explains in a way that is clear to understand. Peyton exemplifies the best principles of coaching, in that he is adept at accentuating positive skills to compensate for less developed skills in his players.”

Matt. H – Lenoir Ryhne ‘10

These classes will push players to their maximum potential while instilling drills and skill building techniques to take players game to the next level. Class will also cover a few key points from a hitting approach to physical mechanics in order for players to become more consistent, successful hitters. For the last half hour, players will learn the correct running and agility techniques to improve fast twitch movement and increase speed. A variety in long distance & short distance sprints, hills, cone drills, resistance exercises, and quick directional change sprints will help athletes work towards decreasing times and increasing speed.


Hitting • Age Specific Strength Training • Speed/Agility Training

D1 HITTING SESSION: 6-7PM                               D1 SPEED SESSION:7-8PM


 March 6, 2017 –  April 24, 2017   | $450 |  Register Now >>


Our Accelerated Hitting class is for students who want to broaden their knowledge in hitting and vision skills. One of the key components of being a successful hitter is the ability to recognize and track the baseball and in this class, we focus on developing these important skills.

Accelerated Hitting class will:

Help you “see” the rotation of the pitch, breaking ball hands back-fastball hands fast

Help with better contact, eliminate strike-outs

Help with hitting opposite field

Give you better knowledge of the hitting zone-balls and strikes

Able to focus in on release point

Make you a successful bunter

Increase your offensive production

Class is taught by Chris McKnight Former Head Collegiate Coach and Pro Manager and Connor Bastich-Former Collegiate Player at Longwood University.


Monday Nights 6:00-7:30PM

Ages 10-12

January 9, 2017 – February 27, 2017 | Cost: $265 | Register Now >>

September 11,2017 – October 30,2017 | Cost: $235 | Register Now >>

November 6,2017 – December 18, 2017| Cost: $235 | Register Now >>

Monday Nights 7:30-9:00PM

Ages 13+

January 9, 2017 – February 27, 2017 | Cost: $265 | Register Now >>

September 11,2017 – October 30,2017 | Cost: $235 | Register Now >>

November 6,2017 – December 18, 2017 | Cost: $235 | Register Now >>




College Developmental Program


The TSI Titans program is committed to:

  • Making players stronger people on and off the field
  • Encouraging our players to communicate, be responsible and hold themselves accountable
  • Motivating our players to challenge their limits while providing them with the tools necessary to take their game to the next level
  • Providing every Titan with the road map to academic success while satisfying all NCAA- Division I academic requirements
  • Arming our players with Recruiting Resources
  • Demanding excellence
Head Coach: Allen Caraher
Player NamePlayer NamePlayer Name
Harrison BaxterSam BennettJett Bristow
Austin BurksJack CanavosQuinton Caraher
Jimmy CaseyAlex ConjarCayden Diatelevi
Ty EakenNoah NamkoongWill Rockwell
Tobias SuarezDavid Trenkle
Head Coach: Peyton Fulton
Player NamePlayer NamePlayer Name
Alex BoydWyatt BradshawJeffrey Cimaglia
Jamie ColeBrody CriderChristian Dolan
Evan DurgalaPierce GibsonShane Jamison
Owen LingerfeltEli MacturkHampton Morris
Vince PorcaroCharlie Stone
Head Coach: Josh Youngman
Player NamePlayer NamePlayer Name
Brant BednarLawrence BelcherJimmy Butler
Jacob GrayJake HarrisBrandon Kendricks
Michael LewisGarrett MasonJason Matthews
Stephen MatthewsLuke MichaelsDaniel Miller
Owen Pace
Head Coach: Jon Larsen
Player NamePlayer NamePlayer Name
Jackson BealePatrick CareyHunter Fallen
Garrett GannonZane GurkinMichael Hagin
Bennett HubleyNate LarsenOwen Marcey
Aidan McKeonMason NuckolsNoah Pappas
Peyton SchlemmerGrant Turner
Head Coach: Connar Bastaich
Player NamePlayer NamePlayer Name
Peyton AmosBurke BealesAdam Clark
Giorgio DeLucaJake FlippenZachary Lawlor
Mark MooreErik ProsiseWilliam Ryder
William SanneJake SmithsonMatt Solomon
Sebastian SuarezAmari Toney



This is a great opportunity to have your 6, 7 or 8 year old get started on the correct baseball path. Our Titans coaches will teach your child the proper baseball fundamentals. Players will have an opportunity to participate in drills, simulated games and build confidence for their upcoming little league season. This program will give parents and players their first taste of the Titans College Developmental program.

All Players will receive a Hat, belt socks, jersey and 3 month membership to Tuckahoe Sports for the months of January February and March 2017.
Practices Held on Saturday mornings in December, January and February.

Register Here >>

Time: 9:30AM – 11:00AM

Saturday Practice Dates:
December 10, 17
January 7, 14, 21, 28
February 4, 11, 18, 25

Ages: 6 – 8 years old

Tuition: $300

Limited to 24 players MAX


tiny titans logo

Tiny Titans – for Ages 2-6

These are interactive, physical classes for ages 2-6 year olds.  While being age appropriate, these introductory sports classes for youngsters will focus on the fundamentals of baseball and softball.  Our action-packed activities will build confidence, teamwork, and sportsmanship in a fun, encouraging environment.  Tiny Titans players will be prepared for, and will become Little League ready once participating in these classes.

Spring Season — Saturdays, April 1st – 29th

Ages 2-3 | 9:00AM – 10:00AM | Register

Ages 4-6 |10:00AM – 11:00AM |Register

Fall Season — Saturdays, October 1st – 29th

Ages 2-3 | 9:00AM – 10:00AM | Register

Ages 4-6 |10:00AM – 11:00AM |Register


You will learn:

  • Proper fundamentals of fielding, throwing and hitting
  • Importance of speed and agility with energetic agility stations
  • Basic baseball rules
Players will receive:

  • Tiny Titans T-shirt
  • Class Completion Certificate
Required Equipment:

  • Ages 2 & 3 will not need equipment
  • Ages 4 – 6 will need a glove
  • Water Bottle





Chris is currently an Associate Scout for the Baltimore Orioles and was a Scout for the Philadelphia Phillies from 2008-2015. Chris also serves as a coach for USA Baseball Great Lakes National Team Identification Series. During 2008-09 he was the Field Manager/Director of Baseball Operations for the Texarkana Gunslingers Pro Baseball Club. During the 2009 season, McKnight led the Gunslingers to the Championship series and his team led the league in batting average and on base percentage. Chris was named coach of the All-Star team where 9 of his players where selected to participate in the event. In 2008, Chris took over the Gunslingers with a record at 2-10 and proceeded to win 36 games and lose only 14 earning the “slingers” a championship series bid.

Before accepting his position with the Gunslingers, McKnight was a 19 year NCAA assistant /Head Coach/Associate Director of Athletics at Frostburg State University and Dowling College. At FSU, McKnight led the Bobcats to 8 straight post season appearances, winning the first NCAA regional game in history of the university and posting regional rankings from 2003 thru 2007. He set a new record in 2007 by having his team advance to the NCAA championships for a second time. The Bobcats finished the season with a 31-15 record, led the AMCC again in many offensive categories including hitting, homeruns, slugging percentage, fielding and runs scored. The Bobcats were 4th in the nation in homeruns with 45 and 4th in the country in fielding percentage (.967). His teams broke many offensive records during his tenure as Head Coach and still stand today. The Bobcats also posted a 98-28 AMCC conference record and won the conference four times.

McKnight has also authored numerous articles that have appeared in “Scholastic Coach” “Coach and Athletic Director” and the American Baseball Coaches Association “Coaching Digest”. Over 100 of his players received all conference awards, including the prestigious Rawlings Gold Glove. 15 of his former players have signed pro contracts. In addition to his coaching, Chris has an innovative vision training program that helps hitters understand how to track the baseball. For more information and tips go to baseballvisionprogram.com

Email Chris or Call: (240) 580-4012

Reggie Keen
Reggie Keen, former outfielder for the Milwaukee Brewers, signed free agent in 2010 out of Radford University. During a three season career with the Brewers, Keen played at the Rookie, A, and Advanced A levels and also competed in 10 Major League Exhibition games making two starts. During the 2011 and 2012 seasons, Keen led the Milwaukee Brewers organization in stolen bases with (41) in Class A and (45) in Advanced A. While at Radford University, Keen was named to the 2008 Big South Conference All-Tournament Team and earned 2010 Second Team Big South All-Conference honors. Keen currently holds Radford University’s single season hits record of (84) set in 2008 and is second overall in single season stolen bases with (31). Keen is available for private and group instruction specializing in hitting, infield & outfield and base-running. Email Reggie or Call: (804) 360-3395

Justin was a middle infielder and pitcher at Thomas Dale High School where he set and still currently holds the home run record. He exceled as a pitcher with his fast ball clocking in the low 90s which helped him earn a scholarship to play at VCU. After college, Justin began his coaching career as the Director of the Petersburg Generals Baseball Academy, and continued as a Co-Owner of RBA West from 2009-2015. With his last coaching position,  Justin’s teams showed immediate success. In 2011, Justin’s 11u Elite team was ranked 1st in the Nation. In the fall of 2014, his 11u Elite team again gained national recognition from USSSA by being ranked 5th in the Nation.  Email Justin or Call: (804) 914-0081

Connor Bastaich

Connar Bastaich, former first baseman for Longwood University, began his baseball career at Midlothian High School where he was a three-time letter winner and received All-Dominion District honors both his junior and senior year. Bastaich began his collegiate baseball career at Potomac State College of West Virginia University where he hit .316 his freshman year and .360 his sophomore year. Bastaich then transferred to Longwood University at the start of his junior year in which he led the team in hits, multi-hit games, and the longest hitting streak at 12 games. In his senior year, Bastaich posted a .335 average for the Lancers and received Second-Team All Big South honors while finishing third in Longwood history for single season hits (78). Bastaich is available for private and group instruction. Email or call Connar: 804.912.0488.

Dylan Gonzales

Dylan Gonzales, 2012 graduate of J.R. Tucker High School is a pitching instructor who also coaches at the 13U division. Gonzales went into Tucker’s history books as the first pitcher to throw a perfect game in school history. After being 1 of 108 High School players personally invited to try out for the 18U USA 18U National Baseball team in 2011, he continued his career at Hampden-Sydney College as a relief pitcher. Coach Gonzales finished with a total of 88 innings pitched, 4 wins, 7 saves, and a career ERA of 2.86; Sr. season 5th best single season ERA in school history & 2nd best ERA in Old Dominion Athletic Conference. To finish a decorated college career, Coach Gonzales was voted an All-Conference relief pitcher by the Old Dominion Athletic Conference & voted an All-State relief pitcher by VaSID. Coach Gonzales will be working with all pitchers throughout the Titans and Orioles organizations as well as running pitching classes and private pitching lessons. Email Dylan or Call: (804) 916-0010.

mike pritchett
Michael “Mike” Pritchett is a 2007 graduate from George Washington High School, where he was a 2 year varsity letterman. While playing he contributed to 2 Western Valley District Championships as an outfielder. After high school Mike attended Wright State University in Dayton OH, where he discovered a passion for coaching and helping young men reach their potential through baseball. He coached the past 3 years on the high school level; from Freshman and JV Head Coach to Varsity Assistant. Michael also has coached at the 16 and 18U travel ball levels, with a few of his players going on to play at the collegiate level. Mike was name Henrico High School Varsity Head Coach in 2014. Email Mike or Call: (434) 710-2816

paul smyth

Paul is currently a pitcher for the Oakland Athletics AAA affiliate, the Nashville Sounds. He is very knowledgeable with multiple years of NCAA competition in the rigorous Big XII conference, as well as professional competition since 2009. Paul was a 4 year closer at University of Kansas, earned All-Big XII accolades both athletic and academic, has 5+ years experience as a pitcher in Oakland A’s MiLB, was named to the  2014 Pacific Coast League AAA All-Star team (OAK/SAC), and played in Venezuela as an International competitor with Bravos de Margarita (VZ) during the Winter Baseball Leagues in 2013.  Email Paul or Call Paul at (805)712-8900

Reed Gragnani

Reed is currently an infielder in the Boston Red Sox organization where he spent the 2014 season with the Salem Red Sox in the Carolina League.  Reed hit .300 in 99 games played with 108 hits and 19 doubles.  A graduate of University of Virginia, Reed was named First-Team All-ACC honoree at second base and ACC All-Tournament Team in 2013. Reed attended Mills Godwin High School where he earned Rawlings/Louisville Slugger All-America honors in 2009, was named All-State, and was Selected by the Red Sox in 27th round of 2009 MLB Draft, but declined by choosing to play at UVA.

jesse haney

Jesse Haney, former 4 year starter at Matoaca High School.  Holds the school record for career hits with 110. Three-time All-District first-team shortstop, First Team All-Region Shortstop, and First Team All- Metro Shortstop (Senior Year).  Attended UNCW and played baseball all four years. Played infield, outfield, and pitched freshman and sophomore seasons and just pitched junior and senior seasons. Earned CAA Pitcher of the Week March 2009.  Won the CAA Regular Season Championship 2007 and 2008 seasons. Pitched for the Bourne Braves of the Cape Cod Baseball League in 2007. Won the Coastal Plains League Championship in 2008 with the Thomasville Hi-Toms. Email Jesse or Call: (804)931-6625.





Peyton Fulton attended Central High School in Lunenburg, Virginia.  He is a former two-time all district utility baseball player and a three-time All State selection in both football and track. Peyton played both pitcher and first base at Averett University and played professionally in Germany as both a pitcher and a catcher for the Weisbaden Express.  Since his playing days, Peyton has been the Assistant Head Coach at both George Washington High School and Blessed Sacrament High School.  He was the Assistant Director of Baseball at the Virginia Sports Complex, Assistant Coach at Rockingham Community College, Vice President of the Virginia Marlins Summer Collegiate Program, Co-Head Coach of the Virginia Marlins summer college team, and Head Coach of the Virginia Cardinals summer college team.  Peyton has worked as a scout for both the National Scouting Report and Perfect Game. Email Peyton or Call: (804) 503.9293


Javier (Javi) Herrera comes to TSI after a long successful career as a professional baseball player.  From Caracas, Venezuela, Javi started his career playing for the Oakland Athletics in 2003 where he was ranked by Baseball America as #68 Prospect in 2005 and #74 Prospect in 2006 by Baseball America. He also appeared in six MLB exhibition Cactus League games with the Oakland A’s in 2006. Herrera was also selected to participate in the Future’s Game in 2005 where he was named a post season All-Star for the Midwest League.  Over his 12 year playing career, Herrera was named to one organization All-Star team (San Francisco Giants), 3 post season All-Star Teams (including 2013 with Richmond Flying Squirrels), and 1 MVP award for the 2004 season with Vancouver. Herrera finished his playing career in 2015 with the Richmond Flying Squirrels with an impressive career stat line of: .281 BA, 113 2B’s, 66 HR’s, and 300 RBI’s. Email Javier or Call (480) 765-7275.


Josh Youngman attended Manchester High School and was a four year varsity starter where he played first base and was a left handed pitcher. After High School, Josh attended and graduated from Lynchburg College as a left handed pitcher for four years. Josh began his coaching career as an assistant for the RBA South Virginia Cardinals showcase team for two years, working with current college athletes and Major League prospects. Josh is in his first year with TSI and will serve as the 11U Premier Head Coach for the 2015-16 season. Email Josh or Call (804) 212-9723.