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Our program is designed to develop and teach players the game of baseball in order for them to reach their short and long term goals. Using professional staff, we are able to teach players the most efficient and effective skill building methods to progress as a baseball player. Whether a beginner looking to learn the basic fundamentals and knowledge of the game or an advanced player wanting to maintain or further their skill level, TSI provides quality resources for all to accomplish these goals. TSI strives on developing players and their knowledge of the game by using the same skill building methods taught at the collegiate and professional levels. Lastly, TSI’s mission is to help youth set a foundation and roadmap to success by helping players build character, leadership characteristics, and most importantly, confidence.






Standard Price Including HitTrax
1/2 hr. Lesson$40$60
1 hr. Lesson$75$105
3-Pack Lessons (3-1hr. or 6-1/2 hr. *Expires 2 months from purchase)$210$270
4-Pack Lessons (4-45 min. *Expires 2 months from purchase)$210$270
6-Pack Lessons (6-1hr. or 12-1/2 hr. *Expires 4 months from purchase)$390$450

**To schedule a lesson contact one of our instructors today!!

Private Lessons 

Private lessons have become a big part of baseball. Players are always trying to find that edge and lessons have become a very useful tool in assisting players reach their goals. Players above the age of 7 usually have enough comprehensive skills to benefit from taking private lessons. As their ages and abilities change so does the baseball material and workload. Players of all ages and abilities can benefit from private lessons as long as they are dedicated and eager to work hard.


What should I expect out of private lessons?

Private lessons are a great way for players to develop consistency as they learn the proper mechanics. Baseball is a game of repetition and 1 on 1 instruction is a great way to repeat as well as reinforce. Spending time in these training sessions is what best helps us prepare for competition. Our instructors are dedicated experts when it comes to maximizing each player’s individual skills. The player must understand though, that private lessons are a continuous project. Lessons are not a quick fix where you become a superstar overnight. Professional players work on their skills all year round. Creating that consistency through a lesson schedule is long term project that players need to be prepared for.

Who should take private lessons?

Anyone can take private lessons, but the real question is who will benefit most from taking lessons. The answer is simple; “The players who are willing to work hard through dedication and sacrifice are the players who will achieve success.” Instructors teach private lessons to help communicate the information that players need to improve. What the players do with that information is ultimately up to the player themselves. Any player who is dedicated to improving their skills can benefit from private lessons.

How often should I schedule private lessons?

There are many different scenarios to scheduling private lessons. The simplest answer is you need to set up your lessons on some type of consistent schedule. A player will not benefit much if he or she is coming in once every couple of weeks. Again, we talk about repetition. Baseball is a game of repetition which is why players need to be training on a consistent basis. Some players feel they need to come in several times a week and others only once a week. The most important thing is that you are coming in consistently. If there are long gaps in between your lessons there is a good chance that your mechanics will suffer.

TSI Baseball Camps & Classes are designed to help improve the performance of baseball players of all ages and skill levels. Campers will receive instruction from coaches who have played or coached at advanced levels such as college and the professional level who care about the betterment of each individual player. TSI Baseball Camps are dedicated to the development and growth of all campers who attend. Our camps range in ages and we should have a program to fit your needs.

This program is based on Lantz Wheeler’s Master Mind System

  • Currently used by 20 MLB Pitchers and 2014 CWS Series Champions Vanderbilt
  • Program includes: arm care, med ball drills, bullpens, changing speeds & command
  • Powerchalk video analysis
  • Create more velocity with less stress on the arm
  • Pitchers will learn how to “FEEL” their mechanics and how to make an adjustment


Session I: December 5th, 19th, January 9th, 16th, and 23rd

Ages 9-12 | 12:00pm-1:30pm |Cost: $145 | Register

Ages 13+ | 1:30pm-3:00pm |Cost: $145 | Register

Session II: February 6-27

Ages 9-12 | 12:00pm-1:30pm |Cost: $115 | Register

Ages 13+ | 1:30pm-3:00pm |Cost: $115 | Register

Each camp will focus on building your child’s physical skills, mental fortitude, and personal character.  When others are taking time off, use this opportunity to Advance Your Game!!

Ages: 8-13

12/28 – 12/31 | HITTING | 10:00AM-12:00PM |Cost: $140 | Register

12/28-12/29 | PITCHING |12:30PM-2:30PM |Cost: $100 | Register

12/28-12/29 | CATCHING & FIELDING | 2:30pm-4:30pm |Cost: $100 | Register

Triple Play Pass |Attend ALL Sessions | 10:00am-4:30pm |Cost: $225 | Register

This class is designed to encourage and teach a well balanced approach to pitching.  Whether the proper arm care techniques, throwing program, or developing a mental approach, this class will provide the routines, drills and disciplines taught to help prepare you for the next level. Want to achieve greatness? Let us help you get there!!


Becoming a great catcher demands time, effort and an effective routine each day.  Our goal is to put you through an intense, well developed training routine that will have you well on your way to reaching your goals as a catcher.  Want to achieve greatness? Let us help you get there!!
Mondays 5PM-6PM

11/2 – 11/23 | Cost: $100 | Register Now >>

“My son has been a catcher all his life, but had never been taught the finer points of the position until working with Coach Peyton Fulton.  From blocking, framing, to becoming quicker and improving game speed awareness, my son’s skill set has improved drastically under Coach Fulton’s training.  Many have noticed and expressed favorable comments about my son’s increased skill level as a catcher over the past year. We recommend Coach Fulton for catching lessons and classes.”

Tom S.

“Working one on one and in a clinic setting with Coach Fulton has really improved both his skills and confidence at the position. Having someone with a catching background focus attention on my son’s specific strengths and weaknesses has been very beneficial. Coach Fulton was able to drill down to footwork, speed, and strength components and develop practices to move my son to the next level as a catcher.”

Laura S.

“I have observed Coach Fulton’s coaching and teaching abilities over time, and I am impressed how well he tailors his strategies to the individual, thus empowering them to attain higher levels of excellence. Peyton instructed me in my catching abilities using the best and newest techniques passed down from Major League Baseball that he explains in a way that is clear to understand. Peyton exemplifies the best principles of coaching, in that he is adept at accentuating positive skills to compensate for less developed skills in his players.”

Matt. H – Lenoir Ryhne ‘10

Outfield is a position that many players don’t like to play as a youth, but is a very important facet of the game as you get older.  Players need to be able to make perfect fly ball and line drive reads, maximize range, and learn a beneficial arm care program to increase velocity and accuracy on throws from the outfield.  This class will provide college and professional knowledge on fine tuning and mastering outfield play.

Wednesdays (12 & under) 5-6PM
11/4-11/25 | Cost: $100 | Register Now >>

Wednesdays (13& up) 6-7PM

11/4-11/25 | Cost: $100 | Register Now >>


College Developmental Program


The TSI Titans program is committed to:

  • Making players stronger people on and off the field
  • Encouraging our players to communicate, be responsible and hold themselves accountable
  • Motivating our players to challenge their limits while providing them with the tools necessary to take their game to the next level
  • Providing every Titan with the road map to academic success while satisfying all NCAA- Division I academic requirements
  • Arming our players with Recruiting Resources
  • Demanding excellence
Head Coach: Allen Caraher
Player NamePlayer NamePlayer Name
Sam HardyJack CanavosQuinton Caraher
Vince PorcaroAustin BurksDavid Trenkle
Blake BroganSam BennettDavis Gaucher
Noah NamkoongTyler EakenJett Bristow
Hampton Morris
Head Coach: Scott Jared
Player NamePlayer NamePlayer Name
Kelby MorganLuke WhaleyWill Maiden
Cayden DiateleviMichael DiBuccioJack Lane
Chase BreedloveGrayson HeppCarter Hepp
Remington PageCaleb Smith
Head Coach: Justin Tatro
Player NamePlayer NamePlayer Name
Joe BuchmanBraden PiersolRyder Warren
Luke ParsleyAshur CaraherColin Estrada
Meyer KaplanDaniel MillerWill Miller
Connor CustalowJonathan PhillipsWade Haney
Head Coach: Josh Youngman
Player NamePlayer NamePlayer Name
Jimmy ButlerChris JohnsonKeegan Powers
Cole GaucherLawrence BelcherMichael Lewis
Owen PaceDonald CraftonGeorge Gustafson
Grady GannonTyler BosherJake Harris
Braeden Farmer
Head Coach: Christian Kelly
Player NamePlayer NamePlayer Name
Kyle ComptonMichael FlemingJacob Fisk
Kevin PuryearGrant TurnerMatt Deluca
Hayden BransonMason NuckolsHunter Fallen
Jake FlippenGreyson RagoneJosh Leonard
Head Coach: Jesse Haney
Player NamePlayer NamePlayer Name
Ty SmithAdam ClarkGiorgio Deluca
Mason EarleRyan McFarlaneBurke Beales
Peyton AmosIsaiah Bracy Zachary Lawlor
Head Coach: Michael Pritchett
Player NamePlayer NamePlayer Name
David JohnsonJames CustalowCarlos Cervantes
Ryan CarrollJason HilbertBrandon Eike
Andre FlemingSam AloufHarry DeLuca
Owen Shriner Will Andrews Jordan Daddio
Barrett Stuckey
Head Coach: Peyton Fulton
NumberPlayer NameGrad. YearSchool
1Chase Keister2019Midlothian High School
2Drew Lawson2018Matoaca High School
3Nate Burton2018Albemarle High School
6Justin Roth2018Thomas Dale High School
7Thomas Chapman2019Thomas Dale High School
9Brett Hilbert2018Powhatan High School
11Andrew Shalaski2018Deep Run High School
17Hunter Williams2018Prince George High School
18Aaron Weese2018Prince Edward High School
21Austin Bell2019Cosby High School
23Nathan Moore2018Maggie Walker High School
34Noa Hasty2019Blessed Sacrament
55Seth King2018Thomas Dale High School
Head Coach: Reggie Keen

Gabe Lassiter
Number: 00
Grad. Year: 2018
Patrick Henry High School

Camden Lazar
Number: 1
Grad. Year: 2018
Douglas Freeman High School

Parker Shaffer
Number: 6
Grad. Year: 2017
Patrick Henry High School

Shaun Holyfield
Number: 7
Grad. Year: 2018
Fluvanna High School

Justin Walton
Number: 8
Grad. Year: 2018
Glen Allen High School

Carter Taylor
Number: 10
Grad. Year: 2018
Atlee High School

Alex Petroka
Number: 11
Grad. Year: 2018
Albemarle High School

Cole Ragone
Number: 14
Grad. Year: 2018
Maggie Walker Gov. School

Jeff Daddio
Number: 15
Grad. Year: 2018

Garrett Boggio
Number: 18
Grad. Year: 2018
Midlothian High School

David Hanson
Number: 21
Grad. Year: 2018
Deep Run High School

Michael Johnson Jr.
Number: 22
Grad. Year: 2017
Deep Run High School

Josh Brown
Number: 24
Grad. Year: 2018

Avery Spicer
Number: 33
Grad. Year: 2018
Glen Allen High School
item_6204 2014-2015 Titans Successes!!

10U Titans
TSI Fall Leadoff Runner-Up
Southside Rumble II Runner-Up
RVA Week 8 Champions
Mound Madness Champions
Dual on the Diamond Champions
13U Titans
Diamond Wars Runner-up
14U Titans National
Majors VA Fall State Champions
Majors NOVA Fall State Runner-Up
Fall Swing Champions
VSC Jersey Days Runner-Up


14U Titans Central
TSI Fall Leadoff Runner-Up
AAA VA Fall State Runner-Up
AAA NOVA Fall State Runner-Up
AAA Diamond Wars Runner-Up
BIC 14U World Series Showcase Runner-Up

14U Titans American
Autumn Bash Runner-Up
AA VA Fall State (Lower Division)Champions
Diamond Wars Runner-Up
RVA Week 8 Runner-Up
15U Titans
15U RVA Week 5 One Day Champions
War Memorial Gold Bracket Runner-Up
Halloween Bash Runner-Up




The Mid-Atlantic Orioles Scout Team is committed to:

  • Making players stronger people on and off the field
  • Encouraging our players to communicate, be responsible and hold themselves accountable
  • Motivating our players to challenge their limits while providing them with the tools necessary to take their game to the next level
  • Providing every player with the road map to academic success while satisfying all NCAA- Division I academic requirements
  • Arming our players with Recruiting Resources
  • Demanding excellence
Head Coach: Eric Hill

Ricky Jones
Number: 1
Grad. Year: 2019
Hopewell High School

Jack McDonald
Number: 2
Grad. Year: 2019
Louisa High School

Cameron Reed
Number: 10
Grad. Year: 2019
Patrick Henry High School

Mark Buisson
Number: 11
Grad. Year: 2019
Godwin High School

Brooks Mazey
Number: 14
Grad. Year: 2019
Deep Run High School

Sam Landess
Number: 15
Grad. Year: 2019
Godwin High School

Micah Darrington
Number: 24
Grad. Year: 2019
Manchester High School

Hayes Fallen
Number: 25
Grad. Year: 2019
Deep Run High School

Noah Cornwell
Number: 27
Grad. Year: 2019
Godwin High School

Brandon Hill
Number: 34
Grad. Year: 2019
Deep Run High School

Joey Zanetti
Number: 35
Grad. Year: 2019
J.R. Tucker High School

Chuck Tharp
Number: 88
Grad. Year: 2018
Prince George High School

Drew Larsen
Number: 37
Grad. Year: 2020
Holman Middle School

tiny titans logo

Tiny Titans – for Ages 3-6 

These are interactive, physical classes for ages 3-6 year olds.  While being age appropriate, these introductory sports classes for youngsters will focus on the fundamentals of baseball and softball.  Our action-packed activities will build confidence, teamwork, and sportsmanship in a fun, encouraging environment.  Tiny Titans players will be prepared for, and will become Little League ready once participating in these classes.


You will learn:

  • Proper fundamentals of fielding, throwing and hitting
  • Importance of speed and agility with energetic agility stations
  • Basic baseball rules
Players will receive:

  • Tiny Titans T-shirt
  • Class Completion Certificate
  • Gift Bag
Required Equipment:

  • Players should bring a glove
  • Water Bottle
  • All other equipment will be provided


Fall Season